What is the lowest pension in Poland?  Who gets it?

In Poland, older persons over the age of 60 (in the case of women) and 65 (in the case of men) who can prove the required minimum length of service, i.e. 20 and 25 years, are entitled to retirement benefits.

Pension amount It depends on the amount of contributions indexed in the insured person’s account and:

  • indexed initial capital,
  • Funds credited to the sub-account,
  • Average life expectancy.

Funds transferred to the account are subject to control Social Insurance Corporation It is indexed.

Persons who have reached the required retirement age and have a sufficient period of service are entitled to receive it Guaranteed minimum pension. It currently stands at PLN 1,588.44. However, on March 1, 2024, indexation will take place and the lower interest will likely rise to PLN 1,777.46.

If the total accumulated contributions to the insured person's pension fund is not sufficient to obtain the minimum benefit, it is increased ex officio.

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