I’ve never made any money in my life.  But I have no debt either

— The truth is that we all once lived on a similar level, says Marek. – Most of our friends had an apartment in an apartment building, no more than 60 square metres. There were no others or they were smaller in size – up to 50 square meters. Some cars, usually Fiat or Polonaise, then some foreign cars, but there was no “madness”.

After the wedding, Marek and Ella lived with their parents. Fortunately, it was short-lived, because the Marek family had already prepared a housing book for Elie. A year later they had their “nest”.

– It was a wonderful period in our lives – says Marek. – The end of the eighties, everything had to be put on a waiting list.

I remember standing in front of the store for two nights buying furniture. We were able to purchase a wall unit, sofa bed and kitchen set. Oh God, how much we enjoyed it! Our friends came over, shook their heads with joy, and envied our furniture.

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