June 5, 2023


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Home PV will be less profitable from April

Home PV will be less profitable from April

– These few months to allow consumers who have decided to install panels on their roofs to carry out the planned investment in the spring in accordance with the current rules of consumer settlement – says Bartłomiej Derski, expert at WysokieNapiecie.pl.

Currently, consumers who put energy into the grid can get up to 80 percent of it. what they handed over. With the new rules in place, all unused energy in the home will be sold at wholesale market prices, and when a household needs utility energy, it should be charged at retail prices.

After these changes, the period of return on investment, which is the installation of photovoltaic panels, will extend from 6-7 years to more than ten years.

– With the rise of self-consumption, the rate of return may be more favorable due to the continued rise in energy prices – the expert adds. The investment can then pay for itself faster, in just under ten years.

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Changes have been made regarding consumers because, in the government’s opinion, the number of PV installations is growing very rapidly, exacerbating energy storage problems.

However, the market is fast-paced and the decline in demand for solar farms will likely not be as significant as one might assume – adds Dersky.

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