What did Carpenter want to talk about in “The Thing”?  Russell recalls a conversation about the cult of science fiction

something It is one of the most famous sci-fi films in history, also because of its ambiguous and memorable ending in which we do not know if any of the remaining characters (Childs and Macready) carry the titular creature within them. on The thing Kurt Russell said in a new article for GQ magazine, where he revealed how director John Carpenter himself would describe the subject of his work.

Russell recalls:

[Gdy John zaproponował mi udział]I asked: Is this a monster movie or maybe a horror movie? John replied that it was from the book “Who Goes There?” And that there was already one film adaptation 30 years ago [“Istota z innego świata”], but it doesn't do the same thing. He said he was making a film about paranoia.

During one of his previous interviews, the actor also talked about the film's finale:

John and I talked at length about the ending of this film. We exchanged ideas and wrote them down. John was worried that he would make a movie that would last two hours and then be back to square one. We got to the point where we were trying some things and I said, “How about this? John, I think this is back to square one. This is what it is. Maybe we'll see what comes of it.” It worked. This is exactly what we need. It's nice that people are still talking about it.

Russell conveyed a very similar idea in the new material.

Last time in conversation with ComicBook.comCarpenter himself pointed to a theory popularized by the film's cinematographer, Dean Cundy, who claims that people possessed by aliens have a distinct glow in their eyes, indicating that Childs is ultimately the threat. Al-Najjar says:

He has no idea, I know. Yes, I know who the thing is and who is not at the end of the movie. Dean Cundy has no idea. There were lights out there and we were in the snow. Please tell him he's talking nonsense.

Carpenter wasn't willing to share what he knew about the only person left human at the end of the film. The director suggested that his continuation of his work be considered.

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