June 7, 2023


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What astronomical phenomena await us in 2023?

Lunar calendar It shows what phenomena await us in 2023. We know when the full moon will happen, and when you can enjoy the so-called “red moon”. This year we will also have a solar eclipse. Check out how they affect all of these phenomena.

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This is what the solar eclipse of June 10 looked like, accelerating

What phenomena await us in 2023? Including the ring of fire and the red moon

In 2023, we can expect some interesting astronomical phenomena. Moreover, they will affect us in different ways. Among others, “Ring of Fire” and “Red Moon” await us:

  • “ring of fire” – That’s simply eclipse It will be available twice this year. The first will happen April 10th. The second time we will test the “Ring of Fire” Oct. 14And
  • “Red Moon” This is what we call the phenomenon. When the moon loses access to sunlight It takes on a red colour. This year we will witness this phenomenon twice as well. First penumbral eclipse It will be released on May 5thWhile we will be able to observe the second partial eclipse Oct. 28.

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How will these phenomena affect us? Astrologers have no illusions

away from amazing Sight, it is worth realizing that according to astrology, they are also important for our well-being. during these events disturbance of the light flux. Since ancient times, it has been believed that in the process, people also explore themselves Reveal deeply hidden secrets. According to astrologers, phenomena are designed to aid our development.

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We remind you that astrology and horoscopes This is just tongue-in-cheek fun, not intended to offend anyone!

cometThe comet will reappear in the sky in 2023. There were 50,000 here. years ago