The capital joins the fight against influenza.  Vaccinations will start with 12 points

According to the announcements, influenza vaccination is carried out at 12 points, where vaccination against the Corona virus is also taking place.

It is a free citywide vaccination program to be implemented as of the 2019/20 season. It will be the same this year. The city of Poznan, in addition to the ongoing vaccinations against the Corona virus, has started the vaccination against influenza.

The urban vaccination campaign against COVID-19 has achieved remarkable results – confirms Jan Grabkowski, Vice President of Pozna Metropolis, Pozna staroste. The experience gained in this way allows us to quickly release the influenza vaccine at the same points. We want to effectively address all threats to the health and lives of our residents. Since November, we have vaccinated the population over 65 years of age in the Pozna region against influenza, and in the whole capital we are taking care of the immunity of professionally active people – He adds.

The Ministry of Health said that the rise in influenza cases coincided with the emergence of the fourth wave of the Corona virus, so it is important to prevent more cases of both viruses. Hence the ministerial decision on free vaccinations for all adult Poles.

In the Poznan metropolitan area, flu shots are being administered regularly from November 29, at vaccination centers that have been operating for months in cooperation with the Podolani Hospital. It didn’t take long to prepare, as the association planned to start the third season of a free influenza vaccination program for professionally active people aged 25 to 64. This year, interest in the program is greater, and doctors recommend strengthening immunity – Adam Gursevsky reports from the Poznan Metropolis Association.

The first vaccination points for COVID-19 were ready in April. No other medical entity has prepared and launched it so quickly and on such a scale. – mentions Shimon Jankowski, head of the Podolani Hospital. Months of joint activities with the Pozna city self-governments, now allow us to rapidly increase the number of jobs or reorganize the work of teams to enable influenza vaccination in twelve points – He adds.

List of urban vaccination points made in cooperation with local governments and Podolani Hospital:

Bock – School Branch, ul. 44 – Dew
Koziegłowy (Czerwonak commune) – AKWEN, ul. Piłsudskiego 3
Kleszczewo – Sports Hall, ul. Poznaska 2
Komorniki – Health Center, ul. stona 7
Konarzewo (Dopiewo Municipality) – Rehabilitation and Cultural Centre, ul. Poznaska 19
Kornik – OASIS, ul. Krasickiego 1
Luboń – NGO Centre, ul. Sikorskigo 3
Pobiedziska – City and Communes Office, ul. Kosciusko 4
Rokietnica – Volunteer Fire Department, UL. Our shape is 18
Swarzędz – Water Paradise, ul. Kosynierów 1
Śrem – BAZAR, ul. Targowa 2

Influenza vaccinations will be carried out at the above-mentioned points from November 30 on the specified days and times. Timetable and terms of participation are provided Here. From Monday, November 29, you can take Influvax daily (on working days, from 8 am to 3 pm) at the Podolany Hospital – ul. Straży Ludowej 37 in Poznan – Górczewski adds.

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