"What a moron" - Biden's medical advisor for a Republican politician.  He thought his microphone was off

The situation in the US Congress occurred during the debates on how to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Anthony Fauci has been asked many questions by Republican politicians. offensive words from d. Fauci fell when asked about his fortune.

The exchange between Fauci and Marshall was as follows (quoted from a Reuters letter):

Senator Roger Marshall: Dr. Fauci, according to Forbes in 2020 I won 434,000 dollars. You control $5 billion in grants. As the highest-paid employee in the entire federal government, are you willing to provide Congress with your financial statements?

Dr. Anthony Fauci: Do not understand the question. My financial statements for the last 37 or 35 years are publicly available.

Marshall: Big companies do their best to hide it. We will continue to search for them.

Fauci: Just ask them, it’s amazing Someone must have misled you.

Marshall: My office can’t find them. Where are they if they are publicly available?

Fauci: They are available if you like.

Marshall: I can’t wait to see them.

When the discussion was over, the doctor said to himself, convinced that his microphone was off:

“Jesus, what a moron”

Source: Twitter, Reuters, Polsat News, niezalezna.pl

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