Drone spy footage.  Russia has lost a lot of equipment

The Ukrainian industry portal mil.in.ua described the recording that appeared on the Web. According to the data shown in the film, it was supposed to have been created on 9/11, and the frames come from a Ukrainian drone camera. Lilica 100. These are small UAVs produced in Ukraine. The first will be delivered to the army in 2021.

A drone has discovered a large Russian military base Armored vehicle cemeterywhich is no longer subject to renewal. The published photos make it possible to clearly assess the scale of the losses of the forces of the Russian Federation in the war against Ukraine, “mil.in.ua writes.

The video shows self-propelled guns, tanks, armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, numerous trucks and air defense systems. The base will also be used to repair equipment that has sustained minor damage. The Russians may be using parts of the vehicles out of combat range entirely.

The drone footage did not appear on the official channels of the Ukrainian military. The base immortalized in the movie must be located in the village BiryukhSeven kilometers deep Belgorod regionthe territory of Russia. The Armed Forces of Ukraine have not yet reported crossing the border of the aggressor.

The satellite images available on Google Maps already indicate that the Russians are storing military equipment in this place.

The mil.in.ua portal notes that this is not the first discovered burial ground of Russian equipment. In April, The Sun described a Ukrainian “spy drone” operation that was supposed to discover a dump of destroyed vehicles in Golovchinaalso in the Belgorod region.

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