West Warsaw is like a fairy-tale train station.  We know when they will open new platforms [ZDJĘCIA]

Author: PKP PLK
Western Warsaw from a fairy tale. We know when they will open new platforms

Majestic ceilings, photovoltaic panels, new platforms, walkways and pedestrian bridges – these are traces of the reconstruction of western Warsaw at first glance. The largest railway station in the capital is undergoing a comprehensive modernization. The first passengers from the new platform will depart in December of this year – announced Miroslav Semenek, spokesperson for PKP PLK.

This is by far the largest investment by PKP PLK in the capital in many years. Railway workers rebuild West Warsaw. All while maintaining rail traffic. In addition to the several hundred trains that pass through the station, the contractor is installing tracks, turnouts, traffic control devices, and sewage systems, as well as installing hundreds of meters of cable. A brutal roof is being built above the new platforms and under – an underground passage and a tunnel for a new tram line. Passengers will use the first new platform No. 6 in Warsaw West in December. From the next two days – No. 7 and 8 – passengers will depart at the beginning of next year.

The reconstruction of western Warsaw will increase the role of railways as the most environmentally friendly means of transport. And Andrei Bettel, State Secretary of the Ministry of Infrastructure, said at the press conference that communications in the capital, clusters and on long and international routes will improve.

Interestingly, solar energy will be used to power the stations. Photovoltaic farm of 12 thousand square meters, the interior spaces will be supplemented with natural light thanks to the skylights. Green spaces with bushes planned in the station area.

– Work began on the reconstruction of the Warsaw-Zakodonia station on the country of Warsaw. The works here will end in 2023. After that, further updates will begin on a line across cities and in eastern Warsaw – said Irenenus Merschel, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the PKK.

More than half a thousand workers and 150 units of equipment are working on the construction of the station, and work is carried out around the clock. Expenses Rebuilding West Warsaw Approximately 2 billion PLN.

This is what the Western war will look like after Reconstruction:

They are building a new West Warsaw. This is what a construction site looks like

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