Spotify |  Cannot access "random" mode at Adele's request

(New York) Listening to an album in its original order has become the ‘default’ mode for paid Spotify subscribers, accepting British pop diva Adele’s request to make it less accessible in “Random” mode.

On Sunday, if a paid Spotify subscriber chooses to listen to any album, only a single play mode is offered, not the shuffle or “shuffle” feature characterized by two cutting arrows.

On Twitter, Adele, its latest work 30, A global event, released on Friday, praised the change.

“This is the only demand I have for our ever-changing industry!” She wrote. Our music tells a story and our stories need to be heard as we wish. Thanks for listening Spotify, ”said the British artist, who concludes his message with a glass of wine and two emoticons representing the heart.

In 30, A reference to how old she was when she started writing this album, Adele is particularly confident about her divorce and the consequences it has had on her son’s life.

A Spotify spokesperson confirmed, “As Adele said, we are pleased to announce the launch of the new premium service that artists and users have long demanded, making it the default button ‘play’ on all albums.”

“Those who still want to play an album randomly can go to the ‘Play Now’ view and select the Shuffle button,” Spotify added.

30 Adele, 33, is back on the music scene after years of silence. In October, single Easy for me It hit more than 24 million UK listeners in its first week, breaking the record for most heard in the country when it was released.

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