How to receive TVP Nauka when the schedule starts

TVP Nauka is a popular science and education channel. The show will include popular science, educational, and journalistic programs, as well as documentaries focusing on the content of widely understood science.

The thematic scope covers a wide range of issues: content related to nature, technology (including space), biology, medicine, astronomy, physics, mathematics, chemistry, environment, economics and social sciences. One of the assumptions of the authors of the channel is the promotion of Polish technical thought as well as the achievements and potential of Polish science – A month ago, TVP . spokesperson team informed.

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The station will officially start broadcasting on Monday, October 3, 2022. The channel will broadcast terrestrial and is available for free. President TVP Science It will be Robert Sage.

After the launch of TVP Nauka, the site will not be extinguished, but will continue to function, and the content published on it will be objectively consistent and consistent with the issues discussed on the channel.

First broadcast on August 12

On Friday, August 12th at 20. – about two months before the official start – TVP Nauka will show the first broadcast. It will be the “Perseid Night” program where you will be able to follow the night of the “stars” live from the Astronomical Observatory in Truszczyn. The report will be available on

– “Meteor shower” is the colloquial name for the meteor phenomenon. They are all kinds of cosmic matter, which in the case of Perseids is usually about the size of a grain of sand. When this crumb enters the Earth’s atmosphere, it heats up and burns due to friction with its atoms. And we briefly see a trace of this phenomenon in the form of a flash in the dark sky – comments Robert Zag, director of TVP Nauka, creator of the “Night of the Perseids” held for years at the observatory in Truszczyny, who, together with experts, will explain to viewers the wonderful phenomena they observe in the sky.

According to Robert Sajjaj, the first broadcast will show “the nature of the antenna we will be on on October 3rd”. – Thanks to us, viewers will be able to live participation in important scientific events presenting the achievements of Polish and world scientists. We will also present exciting issues that researchers face in precision, natural, technical, techno-environmental, medicine, earth sciences and social sciences on broadcast television and on our website.

We will also be active participants in the scientific debate. TVP Nauka will broadcast documentaries and programs to spread knowledge, and there will also be an exciting science game show. We invite you to visit our site Edukacja.tvp .pl – advertise.

TVP Nauka’s schedule will include, among other things, the program “Giants of Science”.

The cost of launching TVP Nauka is 40 million PLN

The cost of preparing the programming show and distributing TVP Nauka is 40 million PLN. The schedule will include programs dedicated to science, technology, environment, medicine, chemistry and physics. Everything should be presented in an accessible manner to attract younger viewers. TVP Nauka will cost PLN 23 million in 2022, and PLN 40 million two years later. It will not broadcast less than 17 hours a day. Popular science journals, documentaries, series, and guides will cover up to 63 percent. Scheduling and press not less than 7 percent.

The head of TVP dreams of a car channel

In an interview with, TVP President Jacek Kurski revealed that there will be more news. – Personally, I dream of the Auto Channel and TVP Muzyka. People will get all this for free thanks to the new options after re-arming (Editor’s note: freeing up the band in favor of 5G and switching to DVB-T2), but also thanks to a new decoder that will properly position the Telewizja Polska display. This will be a very beneficial change for the Poles, but it will still require a lot of work and the support of some solutions by the state – Korsky explained.

TVP Muzyka and TVP 4K entertainment channels are also slated to launch in the fall of 2022. Earlier, Telewizja Polska will launch a terrestrial digital platform for the Internet. In the years 1997-1998, TVP was the announcer of the Tylko Muzyka music channel with Polish music videos. At that time, the broadcasting of thematic channels by TVP was considered illegal by the National Broadcasting Council. So the channel disappeared from the market.

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