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McMurdo Station is the largest research station in Antarctica. He conducts research in the fields of biology, geology, geophysics, medicine and glaciology. There may be about a thousand inhabitants, most of them in Antarctica.

COVID-19 at a research station

There has been a record rise in the number of coronavirus infections among this population. The US government’s National Science Foundation said it had recorded 98 positive results for every 993 people since the beginning of October. This means approximately 10 percent. Injured. Therefore, the institution that runs the center has implemented exceptional security measures.

The patient’s condition is good. Most of the 64 active cases today are people with mild symptoms who are self-isolating in their rooms. To prevent a further increase in casualties, station staff have been ordered to wear KN-95 masks. People who test positive will have to self-isolate for five days, then wear masks for another five days, and will be able to return to work after two negative tests.

Corona virus is spreading at the station. season in question

All trips to the mainland over the next two weeks will be limited to reduced population density and reduced transmission of the virus. as highlights guardian, the outbreak of the epidemic occurred at an important moment for the station. Preparations are underway for the summer period when many scholars will visit the center. Researchers fly for 2-3 months of research. It was scheduled to be the first full summer season after a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So far, arrivals have not been canceled, but it is not known how this large wave of disease will affect further plans for the research station.

Corona virus in a far continent

The media asserts that this is not the first fire Corona Virus in Antarctica, but it is the largest by far. The first cases of infection were detected in December 2020 – in the Chilean database, 36 people tested positive. A year later, the epidemic attacked 11 of the 30 members of the Belgian station Princess Elizabeth, and in January 2022, 24 cases were discovered at the Argentine base of Esperanza.

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