June 9, 2023


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weather.  What will it look like this fall?  US Synoptics Forecast

weather. What will it look like this fall? US Synoptics Forecast

What exactly is La Niña? “This phenomenon occurs when the surface temperature of the Pacific Ocean near the equator, particularly off the coast of South America, is below average. The increased activity of trade winds – steady winds – in this part of the world contributes to this. It brings cool deep waters to the surface of the ocean. – explain TVN Meteo.

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“We are seeing a shift in climatic zones.” Will it be as warm in Poland as it is in Italy?

Autumn weather. The least storm in the center and north of the continent

With the intensification of La Niña in Europe in September, October and November, the storms that have so far dominated the northern part of the continent will begin to move south. It will undoubtedly be a source of relief for some GermanBelgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and the Northeast FranceWhere heavy rains in July brought historical events flood.

Accu Weather Synoptics Expect less quantity storms In the coming months in north-central Europe, and especially in the second half of autumn, it will provide favorable conditions for harvesting – from southern England to Poland. According to experts, dry soil will allow heavy machines to better navigate the fields during harvesting.

heat in italyItaly. Lucifer brought heat. Red zones, 15 cities in danger

Autumn. Normal temperature, floods in the south of the continent

Autumn temperature in central Europe will be normal. According to meteorologists, you should not expect hot weather. They explain that the average temperature in this region varies from 21 to 23 degrees Celsius at the beginning of autumn, and at the end – from 4 to 8 degrees.

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September weather forecast (illustrative image).How will the weather be in September? ideal. There is a long-term outlook for IMGW

While some parts of Central Europe are resting from storms, floods will be possible in other parts. Violent storms expected in the south of the continent could lead to flooding in the Alps and northern Italy.