The oldest person in the world died.  Sister Andrei was 118 years old

“She passed away at two o’clock in the morning. There is great sadness, but she wanted it, it was her desire to join her beloved brother. For her, this is a release,” said David Tavela, St Catherine’s Labor’s communications officer. , a home care center for the elderly, where Sister Andre lives.

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The oldest person in the world died

According to Agence France-Presse, specialists agreed that Andrei’s sister was the oldest living person, whose date of birth was verified before her death. It was also entered into the Guinness Book of Records after April 25 last year. Japanese Ken Tanaki died at the age of 119.

Born Lucille Randon on February 11, 1904 in Alice, southern France, Sister Andre was blind and confined to a wheelchair in the last years of her life. “They say work kills, and it was work that made me live,” she said in April 2022 in an interview with AFP. “I worked until I was 108.”

Sister Andre passed away from Covid-19 last year.

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