Disable this option.  You will extend your battery life instantly

Years ago, phones could last up to several days on a single battery charge. Today, due to the multi-functionality of smartphones, they usually need to be charged daily. Learn how to extend your smartphone's battery life.

Do you remember phones from a dozen or so years ago? Models with a small screen and alphanumeric keyboard can work on a single charge for several days. Today this is almost unthinkable. Modern smartphones are equipped with increasingly larger batteries, but they also contain elements that actively drain power from the battery. As a result, it turns out that an integral element of every phone today is a good power bank that can be used to charge it during the day.

Nowadays, it is difficult to find smartphones that can easily survive without charging for 2-3 days. Eventually, most of us will plug our phone in every evening and see the 100% charge level on the screen in the morning. However, it is Some things you can do to take care of your battery in your smartphone and extend its life. here they are.

Your phone's battery drains quickly. what should be done?

Here are four tips that will help you extend your battery life. It is so easy to make that anyone can do it.

Screen brightness control

Large screens are a salvation for users because they allow you to consume a lot of content on your phone at the same time, but on the other hand they are a pain for the battery. Each screen needs a lot of power to function – This is why it is important to control the screen brightness. The brighter the screen, the more power will “leak” from the battery.

So, if you don't need full screen brightness, adjust it according to the ambient conditions. It is also worth turning on dark mode in applications that allow it – this will work in the case of phones with an AMOLED matrix, as no power is needed to display black.

Turn on battery saving mode

This feature will make your phone restrict apps from running in the background. You can find this mode in Settings – no matter which smartphone you have (iOS or Android). A phone with battery saving mode turned on will last longer.

Uninstall or disable unnecessary applications

If you are using an Android smartphone, remember that apps running in the background consume a lot of power. So, if you are not using programs running in the background, turn off all programs. It is also worth checking if there are too many unnecessary applications on your deviceWhich you don't use. If you have these programs on your device and know you won't need them anytime soon, remove them.

Turn off bluetooth sharing on google

According to Genialne.pl, it is also useful to turn off the Bluetooth sharing option nearby. This is a feature that detects nearby devices using Bluetooth scanning. When enabled, your phone will be able to communicate with equipment around you.

To disable this option on your Android phone, go to Settingsthen find the tab at the bottom of the list Google. Select an option Devices and sharingAnd more Share nearby. Here, move the options slider See the device To position outside.

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