March 28, 2023


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United States of America. Police released a video from Nancy Pelosi’s home. You can see the moment the hammer attacked the announcer’s husband world News

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The attack took place on 28 October. A man broke into Nancy Pelosi’s home in San Francisco and attacked the husband of Speaker of the House Paul Pelosi. The attacker was armed with a hammer. According to the media, he was supposed to shout: “Where’s Nancy?” He wanted to kidnap a government official.

Nancy Pelosi was in Washington at the time of the attack. Its press office said 82-year-old Paul Pelosi was hospitalized as a result of the sledgehammer attack.

David DeBaby, who broke into Pelosi’s house, was suspended the police. He was charged with attempted kidnapping of a federal official and a revenge attack on a family member of a government official. The man pleaded guilty to the charges and said he intended to detain Nancy Pelosi until she “said the truth” and if she didn’t, he wanted to “break her knees.”

Attacker’s activity network Proving that he was a supporter of conspiracy theories regarding ex. Vaccines, the Holocaust and electoral fraud.

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Services released a recording from Pelosi’s home

On Friday, US Services released recordings of the assault – the events were recorded by security cameras and those in police uniforms. One shows DePape standing in front of Pelosi’s house looking around. At one point, he put on his gloves and took them off back bag Knock and then head towards the building.

Video camera footage from police uniforms shows David Diabe and Paul Pelosi wielding sledgehammers. One of the officers asks what is going on here. The attacker replies, “It’s all right.” The policeman said, “Drop the hammer.” But the man does not. After a while, he snatches the tool from the husband of the Speaker of Parliament and hits him on the head. Pelosi fell to the ground and DePape was immediately overpowered by officers.

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Attention! The following video contains graphic scenes – which may not be suitable for some people:

Marcin Worona, reporterfactsTVN reported that Paul Pelosi had a fractured skull and a dent, as well as a hand and arm injury, and the man had to undergo complex surgery.

On Friday, Nancy Pelosi said she “has absolutely no intention of watching her husband’s life being assassinated.” She added that Paul Pelosi is “making progress, but it will take more time” and that she would not comment publicly.


Paul and Nancy Pelosi have been married since 1963. The Speaker’s husband is a businessman. Real estate.

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