"We govern our society by emotions, which is very dangerous": Regine Laurent speaks about the censorship of "Fils de Caleb"

Netflix, which is re-airing the series “The Daughters of Caleb,” has decided to censor the second episode of Roy Dupuis’ nativity scene, in which he paints his face black to play the sorcerer King Balthazar.

“This is a work that was filmed 30 years ago, what respect do we have for works?” asks Regine Laurent, president of the Laurent Commission.

For the speaker, it is important not only to respect the works, but also to take into account their historical context, but not to impose our own.

“It was filmed 30 years ago … we’d probably have cast the series today to cast a black actor as the Sorcerer King. But that was not the case then. You can never erase history and rewrite it. I am for the respect of works”

The story reminds him of the controversy that engulfed Professor Lieutenant-Duval of the University of Ottawa, but also of the treatment given to the work of Pierre Vallieres.

We can’t talk about the book by Pierre Vallières “The White Negroes of America” ​​in universities today. We can’t. We have a new vocabulary we call the “n-word”. This is ridiculous hypocrisy!” she exclaimed.

Ms. Laurent, a paradigm shift awaits today’s society.

“We rule our society by emotion, which is very dangerous,” he says.

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