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What is the table ““? The television project will have its episode 4 and promise to be one of the best of Season 3, with Eugenio Derbes’ son Vader Derbus unveiling the mask of one of the most celebrity Mexican celebrities who has ever been in hiding as one of the special guests on the Los Estrelos reality show.

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Vadir Derbus The winner Of the competition, in 2019. Maria Leone He will do the same in 2020. However the singer and actor are currently joining a team of researchers. Juanpa Jurida, Yuri, Monica Howard And Carlos Rivera Placeholder Image.

With this, the former rival who had disappeared under the character Chameleon, Would be a great support to reveal the identities of other celebrities participating in this edition of the show. “The king of masks is the singer”, A successful South Korean product.

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In this way, Continuing on his way to finding rivals who started at 18, the next episode will be 12, probably with the participation of the plaintiff, the number will be further reduced.

“Who’s the Mask” shows 18 celebrities competing anonymously, wearing clothes or outfits (Photo: Masked Who / Instagram)

“Who’s the mask?” What is the scheduled time?

Competition Program “The Las Estrellas channel airs new episodes every weekend. So, this Sunday, October 31st, Will be hours 20:30 p.m. From Mexico.

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“Who is the mask?” How to see that?

The popular reality show “Who’s the Mask?” You can see by the labels Easy (Channel 2) and Dish (Channel 102). In addition, it is available .

Who are the Stars reality contestants?

  • Just
  • Siren
  • Leona
  • Snow monster
  • JoJo
  • Android
  • Apache
  • Owl
  • ஊனுண்ணி
  • Gypsy
  • Row
  • Lazy

Who were eliminated from the competition?

  • Mauricio Corsa (Broccoli)
  • Paola espinoza (snail)
  • Ricardo Hernandez (dog)
  • Kunno (Caperusa)
  • Adriana Mansolve (ant)
  • Fizi (Zarigua)

How did Kunno remove his mask?

In the second triple match “Who’s the mask?” Android, Hood and Apache met face to face and stunned the audience with their presentation.

Finally it was Hood Expelled from the Los Estrellas reality show, thereby revealing his identity. The Influencer Kunno He was the one who hid behind Kaprusa, and although he impressed everyone with his tracks and singing style, it did not stop him from being found.

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