Vectra fine from UOKiK.  He will pay 22 million PLN.  “Illegal fee increase.”  decreased by PLN 5

Vectra has been punished before Consumer Competition Protection Bureau. Opinion yukik one of the largest polishing Internet providers used incorrect procedures. Vectra unilaterally, without legal basis, changed the provisions of the contract for an indefinite period and illegally increased the fee Internet or PLN 5 TV (PLN 60 or PLN 120 annually) ”- we read in the official announcement posted on social media.

Then, over the following years, based on the illegally introduced adjustment clause, he suggested to customers that he unilaterally increase the subscription fee by PLN 5 per month for each communication service – television or Internet access (PLN 60 or 120). PLN per year) At the same time, they were given a period during which they could not agree to the changes and terminate the services provided. And if they did not do this, Vectra unilaterally charged an additional fee, “we read in the position of the officials.

Kablowa Vectra against UOKiK charges. Customers paid PLN 60 more.

Vectra fined by UOKiK

– The project owner must keep the contract concluded with the consumer in terms of content and conditions for providing the service. Contracts with Vectra for an indefinite period did not contain a clause specifying the criteria and scope of possible changes. This is essential for consumers to anticipate situations in which unilateral changes may be made, for example when they may increase price Services – says Tomasz Chróstny, President of UOKiK, in a statement posted on the office’s website.

Already in November 2021, the head of the office filed charges against the company. Now I have issued a decision in which I have decided that both the amendment clause and the subsequent increases in subscription fees were not effectively introduced into the existing contracts, as they were done without a legal basis, which was misleading to consumers.

“Both these actions and the subsequent imposition of a subscription fee of an increased amount constitute a practice that violates the collective interests of consumers. A fine of more than PLN 22 million (PLN 22 231 676) has been imposed on Vectra, an order to stop this practice and to remove its effects. , the company will be obliged to return a part Subscription fees to consumers that were charged in an unauthorized manner for the period charged to them.

UOKiK informs consumers that a portion of the paid subscription must be refunded. Vectra may appeal against UOKiK’s decision.

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