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It has been working since February 24 Russian aggression against Ukraine. However, a few weeks before the Russian attack, there were speculations about a possible war. The Kremlin’s plans were reported, among other things, by the American and British services.

Now, in an interview with the Washington Post, the Ukrainian president explained why citizens were not alerted extensively before the invasion. – Our intuition worked: If we sow chaos among the people before the invasion, the Russians will eat us. Because during chaos, people flee the country, said Zelensky.

And the politician noted that some had persuaded him to take such a step: – You cannot tell me: “Listen, you must start preparing people now and tell them that they have to save money, they have to hoard food.” If we reported this – which some people won’t mention – we would be losing $7 billion since last October. Monthly, and when the Russians attack, they take us in three days.

“political war”

Later, Volodymyr Zelensky emphasized that the effects of the chosen tactics can be quickly noticed. – When the invasion began – we were as strong as possible. Some of our folks left, but most of them stayed here fighting for their homes. He noted that if people leave in October – God forbid, during the heating season – there will be nothing left.

Our government would not have existed, that is 100% certain. There will be a political war inside the country because we will not be able to survive financially. We didn’t have big financial programmes. There was a shortage of energy resources in the market created by the Russians. We didn’t have enough resources. We will not be able to get out of this situation and the country will be in chaos – assessment of the President of Ukraine in an interview with “WP”.

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