Part of the S1 road is nearing completion.  Opening in June

The contract for the construction of the S1 Podwarpie – Dąbrowa Górnicza section, in design-build form, was signed with the contractor Budimex in September 2020. In January 2023, a ZRID (road investment implementation permit) decision was issued, which enabled the start of the works. As part of the investment, an approximately 7 km long dual section of the S1 motorway is being constructed with two interchanges – Dąbrowa Górnicza Ząbkowice and Dąbrowa Górnicza Pogoria. The route runs along the current National Route 1.

GDDKiA announces that the S1 route will contribute to improving travel comfort between the Upper Silesian agglomeration and neighboring areas, including the airport in Berzovice, the A1 motorway and access to border crossings.

As reported, the reconstruction of the sewer and stormwater system has already been completed, as has the reconstruction of PSG’s gas transmission pipelines and gas system. In addition, the city’s waterworks and the industrial waterworks of Hota Katowice were reconstructed. The high-voltage line that collides with the under-construction highway was also modified, and work was also done to rebuild communications and energy networks.

In addition, 13 engineering structures were constructed, including two bridges, four viaducts, two pedestrian bridges and seven animal crossings. Access and connectivity roads have also been established.

There are more and more asphalt surfaces on the road – the whole process is scheduled to be completed in May 2024. At the same time, finishing works are already underway – energy-absorbing barriers, acoustic screens, signage and fencing are being installed. The contractor also carries out cleaning work.

GDDKiA reports that in January this year an annex was signed regarding additional construction works within the Dąbrowa Górnicza Pogoria intersection. The existing bridge over DK1, along regional road No. 796, will be demolished. Instead, the contractor will build a new road, adapted to the standards of the S1 highway.

The bridge will be adapted to applicable safety standards – particularly in the context of ensuring adequate visibility on DW 796. Access to the bridge, lighting and drainage in the vicinity of the facility will also be reconstructed. GDDKiA announces that during the works related to the demolition of the bridge and the construction of a new bridge, the traffic regulation around the intersection will be changed several times.

The original deadline for completion of track section S1 is December 2023. Due to the signing of time-limited annexes, which, according to GDDKiA, took into account the “justified claims of the contractor”, it is planned that the works will be completed by June 24, 2024. The exception will be the Dąbrowa interchange Górnicza Pogoria, which will be operational with the new bridge by the end of December 2024.

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