We are currently monitoring 50 players on a regular basis for Euro 2024

Just a few weeks ago, the Polish national team coach said that regarding call-ups to the Euro 2024 squad, he and his technical staff were monitoring 114 players. On Sunday, he admitted on Sportowy’s “Football Box” program that the list had already been shortened by more than half the names.

The European Football Championship begins in Germany in mid-June. After the elimination of Estonia and Wales, the Polish national team advanced to the event after the qualifiers and will play at least three matches there. The Whites and Reds were placed in a group with France, Austria and the Netherlands.

According to the latest UEFA regulations, the number of players who may be called up to the national team for Euro 2024 has been increased from 23 to 26. How many Polish players are vying for a call-up to this prestigious tournament? – In fact we had a wider range. There were a lot of players. We held a staff meeting this week and have narrowed this group down to 50 players who we monitor regularly. Decisions will be made at the next meeting. Now each coach prepares reports. We saw almost all the teams. Here is some praise for the coaching staff. The most important thing is to choose – Michel Probers explained.

During the program, the Polish national team’s coach confirmed that the players who recently played with him in the starting lineup have nothing to fear and will be called up. Touchstone does not want to follow in the footsteps of Paweł Janas or Jerzy Engel and is not planning such surprises. – People die in revolutions. I prefer to develop more… He’s marked.

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