Favorites were in a hurry.  This is what the 2022 World Cup group schedules look like

On Saturday, the first round of the World Volleyball Championship concluded. Five of the six matches ended after three sets.

Sebastian Szczekowski

Serbian volleyball players

PAP / Tomasz Wiktor / Pictured: Volleyball players of the Serbian national team

On Saturday, the representatives of Poland, who started the fight in the world championships with their 3-0 victory over Bulgaria the day before, stopped playing. Their biggest competitor for first place in Group C will be the USA. The Americans entered the tournament smoothly and scored Mexico without any problems.

On the second day, five of the six matches ended with a score of 3-0. The Italians, who had trouble defeating the Canadian representatives in only one group, had a good entry in the tournament. The Dutch and Serbs on Saturday also scored a full set of points.

The Netherlands tops Group F, followed by Iran and Argentina. Playing teams from Asia and South America made the strongest impressions. As at the Hubert Jerzy Wagner memorial, the Persians won 3-2 after a great game. Up to three out of five matches, including the tiebreak, were decided in the preference game.

Group A table:

Volleyball World Cup 2022, Group No. And the

Group B table:

Volleyball World Cup 2022, Group No. B

Group C table:

Volleyball World Cup 2022, Group No. c.

Group D table:

Volleyball World Cup 2022, Group No. Dr

Group E table:

Volleyball World Cup 2022, Group No. E.

F group table:

Volleyball World Cup 2022, Group No. F.

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