We’re smiling, there’s a trailer for “Smile 2” with Naomi Scott
Do you remember the horror movie “Smile”? Sequel coming! The trailer for “Smile 2,” starring Naomi Scott, has been released online for the first time. See for yourself, smile with fear.

What will be the theme of “Smile 2”?

The heroine of “Smile 2” is Skye Riley (Naomi Scott), an international pop star who will soon go on a world tour. However, strange, inexplicable events begin to haunt her. Overwhelmed by mounting fear and the pressures of fame, Skye must confront her dark past to regain control of her life – before it’s too late.

The cast also includes Rosemary DeWitt, Kyle Gallner, Lucas Gage, Miles Gutierrez-Riley, Peter Jacobson, Raul Castillo, Dylan Gilula, and Ray Nicholson.

The film’s director and screenwriter is Parker Finn.

“Smile 2” – Watch the trailer

What was the phrase “smile”?

The film’s heroine is therapist Dr. Rose Cotter, played by Susie Bacon. One day, one of her patients killed herself in front of her in harsh circumstances. After this incident, terrifying things begin to happen in Ross’s life. When overwhelming terror begins to take over her life, Rose must confront her troubled past in order to survive and escape the terrible reality.

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