Warsaw.  Damaged traction network and delayed trains

The overhead communication line was damaged in the area of ​​Warszawa Grochów station. Although it has been repaired, difficulties still affect passengers in Warsaw. Delays mainly concern trains starting from Warsaw and Chudnia station, which have a duration of up to 90 minutes.

We received the first news about railway problems on Kontakt 24. The reader reported “paralysis” at the central railway station and “technical problems at the PKP”.

The bug has been fixed…

We have asked PKP Intercity for details. – At 2.35 pm, a malfunction occurred at the parking station in Warsaw Grošów. The top line was damaged. Energy emergency vehicles were sent to the site – the press office of PKP Intercity informed us.

At 3.25 pm, the fault was repaired and “the voltage in the bias area was turned on.” However, its effects are still being felt. – There may be delays in trains leaving Warszawa Wschodnia station, delays of up to 30 minutes – added the press office.

The passenger portal also warns of difficulties: “Trains starting from Warszawa Wschodnia station may experience delays of up to approximately 30 minutes. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

..And the problems continue

Information was also provided through the SKM Info Facebook profile. “Due to problems with power supply to the traction network near the Warsaw Praga station, there are traffic difficulties for all transport companies on the Warsaw Praga – Legionowo section.” As added, SKM trains on lines S3, S4 and S40 in both directions may be delayed by up to 45 minutes.

For example: The train from Warsaw Centralna to Krakow was delayed by 40 minutes (Table 15.24). The situation is similar with the connection to Szczecin at Warszawa Centralna station (15.36) – 39 minutes delay. The train from Warsaw Zakodnya arrived in Łowicz 33 minutes later on 16 January. Passengers heading to Zielona Gora also had to wait longer for the train. According to the schedule, he was supposed to arrive at 3:51 p.m., but he was 23 minutes late. The “record holder” was the train from Warsaw Zakodnya to Łuków (16.23), whose delay reached 92 minutes.

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