The war in Ukraine.  NATO Summit: Andrej Duda will present a proposal for a peacekeeping mission

Prime Minister Matthews Moraveki And the Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslav Kaczynski On Tuesday, Kyiv met with Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Petr Viala and Prime Minister of Slovenia Janez Janza with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Prime Minister of that country Denis Smihal. After the meeting, Kaczyński said that Ukraine needed a peace and humanitarian mission, which he prepared For this And perhaps other organizations that will also be able to defend themselves.

On Sunday, on TVP Info, when Skurkiewicz was asked about Kaczyński’s proposals, he assessed that NATO peacekeeping mission in Ukraine “Maybe in a week, maybe in a month it could be possible.”

He also indicated that the NATO summit will be held next week in Brussels with the participation of US President Joe Biden. – Skurkiewicz said that this proposal would be formally presented, formally by the Polish side with a detailed package, what such a task would look like.

Referring to the proposal made by Kaczyński on TVP Info, the Chief of Staff of the President’s Office, Bäuwe Szroth, emphasized that President Andrzej Duda had not distanced himself from such an idea. – The president is consulting with the government on an ongoing basis. Go next week on pNATO summit in Brussels He announced that he would present this alternative proposal with the government.

An extraordinary NATO summit is scheduled to take place in Brussels next Thursday, March 24, in connection with the Russian attack on Ukraine. The European Council meets from 24 to 15 March.

Sunday The twenty-fifth day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Since February 24, when the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, border guards officers have cleared more than two million people who fled Ukraine in the direction of entry into Poland. In connection with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, many countries and companies around the world have imposed economic and political sanctions on Russia. Activities in Russia have also been suspended due to several international concerns – including. Tech, automobile and apparel brands.

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