Secret message on Intel Arc Cards premiere.  We know what the product means

We are after the premiere of Intel Arc graphics cards, where we got acquainted with portable graphics systems for gaming laptops. It turns out that the producer wanted to tell us something else.

During the premiere, Intel posted a video in which Roger Chandler introduced a new generation of graphics cards. Of course, it concerns Intel Arc Alchemist systems based on the Xe HPC architecture.

You can watch the video below.

Play the video

Secret message on Intel Arc cards premiere

It turns out that the producer encoded a secret message in the video. More aware fans noticed mysterious icons appearing in four moments of the video.

Intel Arc - Secret Codes

What do the symbols mean? Contrary to appearances, these were not Masonic symbols :-). It was the number of “pins” that corresponded to the numbers – after decoding, we got 35, 84, 150 and 230, which can be converted into an IP address:

Play the video

Going to this address will redirect you to a secret video thank you fans of Intel Arc graphics cards. The manufacturer points out that this is just the beginning of its path to market and that we have more exciting initial offers ahead. Nothing special, but we really appreciate the Easter eggs.

Be sure to let us know if you know the intel puzzle.

Source: Intel

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