November 28, 2022


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Long term weather forecast.  Hurricane Georgina is approaching Poland.  Changing weather

Long term weather forecast. Hurricane Georgina is approaching Poland. Changing weather

Hurricane Georgina will reach Western Europe in the next few hours. Its greatest impact is expected from October 19-23. It will also affect the weather in Poland, especially in the southern regions of our country.

The next Hurricane Georgina will affect the weather in many parts of Europe. In the west of the continent, including Ireland and England, the cyclone will bring storm surges, rainstorms, and storms. It will be strong enough to cause floods and floods.

except this Foreground areas, caused by Hurricane Georgina, will bring rain, storms and windstorms between the Iberian Peninsula and the British Isles – Submitted by However, the weather in these places will not only collapse, but will also be very dynamic. There may be violent storms with heavy rain and strong winds.

except this Hurricane Georgina will bring rain and strong winds in the regions of France and Germany. Moreover, it will appear in this non-secondary field.

Hurricane Georgina It will have an effect on Weather in Poland. From the resultant it will attract a warm mass of air flowing from the southwest, after which the cyclone will direct the air towards central Europe.

In practice, this will mean that Hurricane Georgina will send warmer temperatures to PolandEspecially in the south of the country. The temperatures we are recording these days will be close 16-21 degrees Celsius.

It is worth checking the detailed weather for your area over here.

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