Australia.  Ham and egg sandwiches cause a high fine at the airport

An unpleasant surprise awaits a passenger on the plane after landing in Australia. He had to pay more than A$2,500 in fine for carrying eggs, sausages and ham sandwiches in his bags. All because of the Australian authorities’ fears of a dangerous foot-and-mouth virus spread to the continent.

On Monday, CNN reported the story of the unidentified passenger. In the last days of July, travel from the Indonesian island of Bali to the city of Darwin in Australia.

Punishment for pork and egg sandwiches

After landing, the passenger underwent routine security checks at the airport, after which it turned out that he had to pay a fine of 2664 Australian dollars (more than 8.5 thousand PLN). All because he had an unannounced ham sandwich in his bags and two fast food sandwiches with an egg and a beef sausage. Australian Ministry Of AgricultureThe, Fisheries and Forestry explained that “several unauthorized and risky products” were found in the passenger’s backpack by a specially trained dog named Zinta.

The accident occurred shortly after Australian authorities tightened biosafety regulations. The reason for the exacerbation of the disease was the arrival in Bali of an epidemic of foot-and-mouth disease, a very dangerous animal disease, the arrival of which in Australia could cause serious economic losses.

“This fine is double the price of a ticket to Bali, but I have no sympathy for people choosing not to comply with Australian biosafety rules, and recent discoveries show that such people are being arrested,” Minister Murray Watt said in a statement. . The sandwiches in the passenger were tested for the presence of the foot-and-mouth disease virus and destroyed. “Australia is FMD-free and we want it to remain that way,” Watt said.

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Australia is free of foot and mouth disease

Australian authorities in July announced new biosecurity rules to prevent the country from being accessed by the foot-and-mouth disease virus. As part of the measures taken, there were, among other things, special sanitary mats for disinfecting shoes and dogs for the detection of biological hazardous substances. The authorities also urged tourists from Bali to leave their skis on the island.

People who violate the new regulations should take into account not only heavy fines, but also the possibility of canceling their temporary resident visa.

FMD is a relatively harmless disease for humans, but it is considered a very dangerous disease for animals – both farmed and wild. The virus that causes it is highly contagious and can be transmitted through live animals, meat and dairy products, as well as the clothing, shoes, and belongings of people who have been in contact with sick animals.

Livestock farming is an important branch of the Australian economy, the country is, among other things, the world’s second largest exporter of beef. According to CNN, experts estimate that a foot-and-mouth disease outbreak in Australia could cause losses of up to A$80 billion (about PLN 250 billion).

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Main image source: Elise Derwin / Getty Images

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