Voters are not stupid

Throw no more, the yard is full. This old expression comes to us from the depths of time, but it is still relevant today. Faced with the unrealistic and deceptive promises given to us by party leaders during this election campaign, we say, “Enough! »

We are neither suitcases nor idiots. Every day, faced with nonsense like billions of dollars announced for baronial projects or 120 km speed limit instead of 100 km, nationalization of tunnels, bridges, wind farms and bus companies, it is better to laugh than cry.

In the old days under Maurice Duplessis, voters were attracted by roads and refrigerators. Nothing bodes well for the working class today.

Who are the rich?

It has been announced that the rich, i.e. those who capitalize a million dollars, will have to pay a special tax. Like drivers of the Ford F-150 and Jeep, much admired by the middle class who don’t live in trendy neighborhoods like Le Plateau-Mont-Royal. Not to be confused with Ville Mont-Royal, the English-speaking area where you drive a Tesla.

Paul St-Pierre Plamondon would like more Quebec education programs on Télé-Québec, while admitting that his two-year-old son would disapprove if the series was cancelled. Patrol for yourself Respected by little ones all over the world.

Those who want to lead the current Quebec must stop crushing us under the weight of their promises. Voters want to understand why education is so lacking, why the health care system is on the brink of collapse and where the workforce will be found to keep Quebec society working. Above all, how to restore the collective will to transcend itself, the pride of our language, and the courage to loudly affirm the mistreated Quebec. Because Quebecers, without uttering words, dream of hope.

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