Le Nouvelliste |  Michael Benjamin Karimi dies on stage mid-concert

Michael Benjamin (Mikaben) collapsed on stage and died on Saturday, October 15, 2022 while performing a concert by Karimi group, after performing “Oh Badi / Hello Baby” and “Baby I Miss You” with skill and passion. to the Accor Arena in Paris.

The singer collapsed shortly after 11pm Paris time and was unable to wake up despite first aid on the spot by medical crews. Mikaben performed a fiery performance in front of over ten thousand people and collapsed on stage after greeting the audience.

The concert ended abruptly when Michael Quirand came to announce that we had to vacate the room. “It’s very complicated,” he said. “We need prayers” for Mikabene.

At this point, people in the room fainted. The public understands that the rescuers who were called a few minutes ago tried to save the singer’s life.

An hour later, despite all efforts to revive him, Michael Benjamin was pronounced dead.

Karimi’s comeback concert marked a great moment for Haitian music. For the first time, a group that had disbanded in full glory – and that was in 2016 – was reconstituted by introducing a challenge that no band in the history of Haitian music had taken: to fill a room with more than ten thousand seats with the same music. group.

Karimi accepted the challenge. Fans of the group traveled from all over the world to cheer on Carlo Vieques, Richard Cave, Michel Quirand and their musician friends.

It was in this context that Mikaben was invited who had great success with the group during fruitful collaborations. He prepared for the show, was excited to see the team and the public, and expressed his expectations to the Ticket press all week.

After a successful first part, Mikaben raised the second part of the show before demolishing it.

The 41-year-old son of singer-songwriter Lionel Benjamin, Mikaben has spent his entire life making music.

Micah, a past leader of the group Krezzy Music, is known for his versatility, working with many groups and artists. He was a great partner in writing a song, improvising a performance, and whitewashing the room.

Mikaben is expecting a lot from this concert on October 15, 2022, as Karimi reunites after a 2016 breakup that saw the group break up.

The concert, which took place at the Achor Arena in Paris, was the highlight of the year and a pinnacle in Haitian music history.

Michael Benjamin went down in history as Micahben died on stage.

Micah gave it all to the music until he died in full glory, under the spotlights, and minutes before, in front of the public who adored him.

Franz Duval

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