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Volkswagen Grand California: how much is a motorhome?  What equipment does it have?

Volkswagen Grand California: how much is a motorhome? What equipment does it have?

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to write about the Volkswagen Grand California as a house on wheels, or indeed a small studio. There is a kitchen, bathroom with toilet, living area, bedroom and even an extra bed on the mezzanine. And all this on an area of ​​less than 12 square metres. This mobile home is 5.98 m long and 2.04 m wide. Inside, you can stand and walk freely, as the apparent cabin height ranges from 2.18 to 2.2 meters.

Volkswagen Grand California. What does a mobile home look like?

The body of the VW Grand California can be two-tone. In the case of the tested specimen, it was a national composition – white and red. Justified, because these cars are assembled at Volkswagen plants in Greater Poland. By choosing the right color combination, you can add a “splash” of advantages to the look of the mobile home. Especially when we focus on the combination of metallic varnishes in silver and dark gray. But this is an option for 11 thousand. 750 PLN.

VW Grand California creates truly comfortable conditions for two adults to spend a long time away from home. In a 2+2 configuration, it can get a bit crowded, especially since the lower loft bed and the added ladder will limit usability and movement at the front of the cabin.

The interior design can be described as simple and modern. Colors are preserved in bright colors – gray and white. In addition, we have a carpeted floor that looks like wood.

Almost the entire living area is located under the ceiling with double rows of shelves with storage space. There is also a place in the kitchen and in the living area – compartments for small things.

There you will also find the entrance to a small bathroom equipped with a chemical toilet, sink, shower and mirrored closet.

The living area consists of a narrow double sofa, a foldable table and two front seats that can be turned 180 degrees.

A wide sliding door with integrated sliding mosquito net leads inside. It is a great solution that allows you to get daylight and fresh air indoors, “opening up” the living space, and at the same time keeping insects away.

We can also find mosquito nets in every window that opens in the residential part. Just like curtains that darken from the inside and keep curious eyes away. And it’s worth being prepared for that, because the VW Grand California can still spark interest at camp sites.

A big feature of every motorhome is the wide canopy that runs along the right side. Extends usable space by an additional square metre. In the split rear doors of the VW Grand California are two hidden folding chairs and a table. When driving in a larger group, you can easily create an outdoor living area.

The rear bed is 136 cm wide and 193 cm long. It can fit two adults. There is 180 liters of storage space under the bed. There you can successfully put luggage bags for the duration of the trip, larger containers with the necessary accessories for camping. There is a luggage rack on the tailgate for bicycles (load 35 kg).

Aft, in one of the “tanks” there are two large gas cylinders. In the second cable, the power delivery cable, with a “caravan” plug and an adapter for a 230V socket. This allows you to cook meals, heat water, heat or cool the interior, operate the onboard battery and use sockets inside the car. Even without an external power source, fully charged California batteries will allow you to spend more than a day in the wild without sacrificing comfort.

How do you drive a Volkswagen Grand California?

Everything is packed with a 2.97m high body and that’s what makes it The VW Grand California is a versatile, self-contained mobile home. But it is completely unsuitable for everyday driving. It is large, tall and heavy (3.5 tons). After all, it is a car, which is the body of the largest “delivery truck” of this brand, that is, the Volkswagen Crafter.

However, a rear-view camera, parking sensors and large dual mirrors help with maneuverability. You also need to remember what is above – a three-meter car will not get everywhere. In this respect, the Grand Californian is just the opposite Campers like the VW California 6.1. Or Mercedes Marco PoloWhich may be the only car in the family that is also suitable for everyday driving.

On the way to a dream vacation, the VW Grand California drives very well. One of them is seated comfortably and high, and has a very good view. An army of assistants, among other things, helps keep you lane, and adaptive cruise control maintains speed and distance from the vehicle in front of you. Plus plenty of useful storage spaces in the driver’s compartment and simple but comfortable seats with armrests.

Under the hood is a 2.0 TDI engine with 177 hp. In addition to an 8-speed automatic gearbox and front wheel drive. The latter is worth remembering at the camp site, because after a night of heavy morning rain, the 3.5-ton Grand California might turn out to be stuck in the mud.

When driving through the city, the VW Grand California burns about 8-10 l / 100 km. However, he does reveal the advantages of the diesel engine on his way to camp. When driving on a highway at a speed of about 110-120 km / h, the average fuel consumption drops to 6.5 l / 100 km.

Volkswagen Grand California: How much do you have to spend on a motorhome and how much can you earn?

There are more than 25,000 registered offices in Poland. Mobile homes. The purchasing boom has coincided with the spread of the epidemic, that is, the past two years. In 2021, 4832 motorhomes were registered, including 2191 new cars directly from the showroom. However, it is mainly purchased by rental companies.

We estimate that only 2% of mobile homes rented in Poland currently exist. Owners, although this group is constantly growing. For the vast majority of individual customers, a mobile home is a private “home on wheels”, an intimate place decorated according to their specific needs – says Lukáš Janoušek, founder and CEO of the Campiri platform, in response to questions.

Without referring to a specific model, Janushek estimates that a mid-range mobile home, rented for about 100 days a year, also in the summer season, can bring the owner a return of about 50,000 zlotys.

He adds that the amount of income from renting a mobile home depends on several factors: the size of the car, year and equipment, as well as the season (in summer prices and benefits are higher). It reminds you to add the following to the cost of living:

  • Car insurance with the option to rent it,
  • Standard inspections and replacement of fluids and consumables,
  • Costs of gas cylinders, toilet chemicals
  • Periodic inspection of gas, electricity and water installations,
  • Careful inspection of camping facilities,
  • buy sets of summer and winter tires,
  • Parking in a mobile home in the winter.

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