March 31, 2023


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"Voice of Poland".  This performance will go down in history as one of the worst.  "It was terrible"

“Voice of Poland”. This performance will go down in history as one of the worst. “It was terrible”

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W “Voice of Poland” There is no shortage of powerful and fun sounds. However, it turns out that not all performances are successful. The eleventh episode of the show’s twelfth series is sure to be remembered as one of the worst. Viewers have no doubts.

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“Voice of Poland”. Was it that bad?

Siloia Grzeszczak In one of the fights, she put two young participants, high school graduates of the year – Igor Kowalsky and Jacob Nowak. They both have unique voices, but they failed to deal with Jimmy Cullum’s “Eternal Love” song. The problems started during the exercises. Grzeszczak decided Jacob wasn’t ready. I asked him to leave the theatre. The singer was learning to perform and came back with renewed vigor. Unfortunately, neither he nor his opponent was during the battle sing purely.

In the end, Grzeszczak chose Igor Kowalski. Jacob Nowak was also lucky because Marek Bikarczyk He invited him to his team. However, the viewers who critically evaluated the youth’s performance were less understanding than the coaches. on fan pagePoland’s voice“boiled.

Performing a drama, it was impossible to listen to.

Two beautiful voices but a terrible explanation.

It was terrible – they wrote.

There were voices blaming Siluia Greczak for the fact that the participants did not do well on stage. The coach did not choose the right song for them.

They did not like the song and it appeared. Selected solely due to the coach’s musical preferences. In addition to praising the bad rehearsals… they didn’t even know how to take care of this song to get something good out of it – they judged the viewers.

What do you think of this performance? Was it that bad?

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