March 28, 2023


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Vladimir Putin talks about the war in Ukraine. He talks about relations with Kyiv

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the aviation plant in the southern Russian city of Ulan-Ude on Tuesday. During the visit, the Russian President spoke about the situation in Ukraine and the course of the “special military operation,” as Moscow calls the attack on Ukraine.

Putin on the war in Ukraine: It is a fight to preserve our state

Putin said that Russia had been trying to mend relations with Ukraine for decades, but the situation changed after the “coup of 2014”. And, as the president emphasized, since then Kiev has begun to “exterminate” people who consider Ukraine to be part of Russia.

The President further stated that the fighting in Ukraine is intended to protect the Russian state. – What is happening now is a struggle to preserve our statehood (…) Russia has been trying to persuade its partners to a peaceful solution to the problems of Donbass for eight years, but they deceived us and led us by the nose, – the politician explained.

Putin also stressed that the successful completion of the “special military operation” requires the consolidation of Russian society. “We must unite. When the enemy sees that our society is strong and united (…) then what we seek will happen,” the president affirmed.

Russian invasion of Ukraine. “The Kremlin has found an alternative to mobilization”

Meanwhile, analysts at the Institute for the Study of War point out that raising the age of the military may indicate that the Kremlin has found an alternative to full mobilization for the war in Ukraine.

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According to American experts, a rapid increase in the limit from 27 to 30 years is likely to increase the total number of conscripts to meet the human resource needs of the Russian army in Ukraine.

American analysts believe that after the relevant law enters into force, the gradual increase in the minimum age for conscription will actually delay three groups of conscripts for three years, two years, and a year, respectively. Soldiers who are called up for service in the first year the law is in force are at risk of being sent to Ukraine.

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