The situation is the same as in Poland

As he said in an interview with Iltalihti, there are attempts by Russian provocateurs to test Finnish services on the Finnish-Russian border. In his opinion, there is no reason why such actions cannot escalate soon.

– He said that Finland should continue to adhere to strict border control rules and be prepared for the fact that border security will be threatened in various ways that may be unprecedented.

According to Hillenburg, there are many groups in Russia that could be involved in attempts to destabilize the situation in Finland.

– A comprehensive analysis of whether these are “little green men”, Russian intelligence agencies or simply members of organized crime groups is in my opinion secondary. He pointed out that we must focus on the target situation and, above all, how to respond to it.

A precedent from Poland

The British newspaper The Telegraph recently published a report on leaked intelligence documents showing that Russia is planning to use private paramilitary forces to transport migrants to Europe.

Hillenburg points out that informal groups operated in Poland under the leadership of the Russian state, for example criminal organizations, which, among other things, organized further transportation of migrants who crossed the border. It is believed that there could also be pro-Russian entities in Finland that could help organize the exodus.

– It is very likely that Finland's border security will also be threatened from within. He noted that the situation is the same as in Poland, that is, some entities, using criminal groups, are trying to create logistical chains that could undermine the country's security.

– It is not that the organizers and managers of these activities are very concerned about the safety of migrants, but that their sole aim is to undermine Finland's internal security. He added that this should be remembered.

The border between NATO and Russia doubled in length when Finland became part of the alliance. Due to her position, she is currently partly responsible for the safety of her allies.

– We are now not only a country on the external borders of the European Union, but we are also a NATO country. From this perspective, the pressures to meet the challenges ahead are completely different. Clearly something is coming from there. The expert says there is no need to guess whether it will come or not.

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