Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Dawn of Ragnarok

Ubisoft surprised everyone by revealing Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Dawn of Ragnarok. This is the third edition of the DLC (not included in the Season Pass), as it does not expand the main story from the base version of the game, but rather expands the optional legendary plot that takes place in Asgard and Gottenheim.

Those interested are reimposing Havi, which is simply: Odin. The developers took us to the beautiful kingdom of dwarves, Svartalfheim, which was invaded by the Muspels. In addition to helping the dwarves fend off the invasion of aggressors, the most important Norse god must also take care of saving his son, Baldur, who has been kidnapped by Sertra the Great working with his wife Cinemara, daughter Isa, and son Gelud.

Known but good patterns

During the game, we look at how much the invaders have destroyed the home of the dwarves. Almost at every step we can see abandoned villages or cities flooded with magma – this turn of events led to the fact that representatives of this species began to hide in special shelters. The foundations, as in the case of the base or other accessories, are designed very carefully and you want to consider every hole in the mouse. I think it’s a huge advantage in this variety, because in one mission we encounter ice-covered mountains, then swamps, and finally land in the ruins of legendary buildings.

Ragnarok dawn In terms of plot, it is not entirely surprising, because here the audience deals with a well-known and proven pattern. We perform several missions in each of the equipped areas (in this case there are four) to get acquainted with the various heroes who play a large role in the main plot and gradually come closer to the goal we set for ourselves when entering this northern land. .

Despite the fact that this type of play was known to me (after all, I spent more than 100 hours with the stand), Ragnarok dawn It didn’t give birth to me at all. I got to know the story with great interest, because it wasn’t lacking in humor, plot twists, and at least some intrigue that turned the lives of some dwarves, Huffy and Jotun upside down. This is by far the most interesting main plot, if we focus on all the DLCs for Valhalla. Although they are deprived of choices. At some points, we, the players, were asked to decide how Havi should act in a given situation. If I had to say what I missed the most about this downloadable content, it would be the choices that would influence the plot.

Secrets are back!

Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Dawn of Ragnarok review.  secrets

Being in the missions already, it is worth noting that Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Dawn of Ragnarok The fun solutions from Ivor’s adventure continue. While traveling through Svartalfheim, we come across riches, artifacts, and secrets. Ubisoft decided to rebuild the last two. For example, let’s take “decontamination” of cursed places, which currently destroys not just one token, but many cleverly hidden ones in a particular place.

Some secrets that are not suitable for the legendary lands have been abandoned. Instead of warriors or mythical animals, less demanding battles were prepared with the Jotun Raiders or the wife of the chosen one Sort. Attention was paid to mythological memories, during which Odin refers to the threads of Asgard / Jotunheim or tells about the achievements of the Norse gods / dwarves. The great random events in the game world are not forgotten either. Running the revised extension, I got the impression that they are now much more interesting, attractive, and more mysterious.

Contrary to appearances, the struggle Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Dawn of Ragnarok Not significantly different (not counting the new bloody “finishing”) from what Valhalla fans already know from stand or other DLC. Instead, new enemies have been prepared from Muspelheim, the kingdom of fire, which means they specialize in flames and embers. They are not afraid of arson because they are immune to this effect – we have to do some research to kill the strongest of them. They can also walk on the aforementioned magma, which will devour an ordinary creature and then burn it.

New abilities hit the spot

Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Dawn of Ragnarok - Game Abilities Review

This is where the new skills of the Svartalfheim Expedition on a White Horse come in. Ubisoft has designed exactly five skills, for example, they help walk lava and sneak between Muspel forces (The Power of the Muspelheim turns us into one of their representatives), get to hard-to-reach places (The Power of the Raven turns us into a bird for a set time), or Teleport to specific places using arrows (Jotunheim power activates global nodes).

We will find all abilities, absorb from the bodies of their representatives (Muspel’s Power from Muspel, Jotunheim’s Power from Jotun, Raven’s Power from Flying Birds, etc.), and then activate them on our own, if we fill in the Hugru bar first. We get energy from the shrines of Yggdrasil or special flowers scattered around the world, as well as by killing invaders. Moreover, there is nothing to prevent raids on false Muspels, which contain the silicone necessary to improve these skills in the workshops located in the dwarves’ shelters. Sometimes we will increase their area of ​​action, sometimes their duration or effectiveness.

During the 25-hour match (the main plot took more than 15 hours), I also came across the ring, which was given to me by Valkyrie. Once I got there, I smiled because I thought the developers also introduced clashes with legendary opponents similar to those known from God of War (2018). What a huge disappointment to me after noticing that the creators only prepared a few regular wave-breaks for it. Of course, fans of intense battles will find a challenge here, but there is no point in looking for new, unknown enemies here who will be able to surprise something.

To summarize – in my opinion Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Dawn of Ragnarok It is by far the best story expansion released to the newer AC installment. The wrath of the Druids made me very boring, and it was better during the siege of Paris, but it was the dawn of Ragnarok that stole my heart and made me return to Valhalla with a smile on my face. Well, I even find it a very good appetizer for the upcoming God of War: Ragnarok.

The plot is really interesting, and for fans of Norse mythology, several flavors were prepared to diversify the game and at the same time expand knowledge about the land of Svartalfheim. The gameplay was well balanced, and already as a standard for these developers, attention was paid to the well-designed areas, making it captivating at every step. You just want to explore this land.

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