June 7, 2023


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Russia is conducting tests on “Zircon” missiles in the Atlantic Ocean. They are many times faster than sound

Russia’s Defense Ministry said on Wednesday that the Admiral Gorshkov frigate is testing its offensive capabilities in the western Atlantic. The ministry said in a statement that the frigate conducted a computer simulation of the hypersonic Zircon missiles.

Zircon missiles have a range of 900 kilometers (560 miles) and can travel many times the speed of sound, making them difficult to defend. The statement did not say that the frigate fired a missile.

Russian officials have indicated several times that Russia may use the world’s largest nuclear arsenal if it feels threatened by Western support for Ukraine.

Frigate Admiral Gorshkov

The Admiral Gorshkov frigate is a multi-purpose ship equipped with guided missiles, designed to operate in remote sea and ocean areas.

The Russian ministry said, “The ship equipped with Zircon missiles is capable of carrying out accurate and powerful attacks against any targets at sea and on land. One of the characteristics of Zircon missiles is its ability to defeat all types of modern air or missile defense systems.” Writes.

A US Congressional Research Service report on hypersonic weapons notes that Russian and Chinese hypersonic missiles are intended for use with nuclear warheads.


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