Sabotage on the German railways.  Deutsche Bahn is paralyzed in the North

Earlier on Saturday, Deutsche Bahn reported that it had suspended all long-haul flights in northern Germany due to a technical failure, and that the problem affects all ICE, IC and EC trains.

Sabotage on the German railways. Deutsche Bahn is paralyzed in the North

The railway wrote on its website: “Deutsche Bahn long-distance trains are not currently possible due to a technical failure on a line in the northern region of Germany.” The investigation has already begun.

As Defense24 journalist Bartłomiej Wypartowicz claims, the GSM-R radio system, which transmits trains, is not working.

In the morning, the railways reported that the malfunction of the railway radio communication system had been fixed, but there were still malfunctions. However, large numbers of passengers are still trapped in major railway stations such as Hannover, Hamburg and Berlin. Long queues were queuing at information desks, and boards in the station halls were either completely empty, containing information about “infinitely late” or canceled trains. There was complete chaos at the stations.

According to information from the German “Bild” streetUnidentified persons cut fiber-optic cables GSMR In North Rhine-Westphalia And in Berlin Hohenschoonhausen.

She wrote on Twitter that Bremen, Hamburg, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein had suffered. IC trains to and from Berlin towards Amsterdam have been completely cancelled. IC trains to and from Copenhagen and Aarhus have finished and started in Badburg.

He informed the German media that even after the resumption of train traffic, there are irregularities and interruptions.

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