The war in Ukraine.  Oleksiy Reznikov: Russia is preparing for a long period of war

– According to many indications Russia is preparing for a long military operation. The war is entering a chronic phase – said Oleksiy Reznikov. – Every day of the war brings losses to our army and great suffering to the civilian population. Especially in the lands temporarily occupied by Russia. The whole world saw what happened in Bokza. The same events are taking place now wherever Russian forces are stationed. Our people are being kidnapped, tortured and killed – number it.

The Minister of Defense of Ukraine stressed this The war is destroying the Ukrainian economy and threatening a global food crisis and immigration. – taking into consideration, We want to defeat the enemy as quickly as possible and liberate our lands. He pleaded not to let Russia prolong the conflict.

– That is why we are very interested in receiving international aid, and buying weapons as quickly as possible and in appropriate quantities. We need tanks, armored vehicles and long-range weapons (multiple rocket launchers, heavy artillery, planes, missiles). We want to save the lives of our people – number.

Live coverage of events in Ukraine

Reznikov added that, according to Ukrainian intelligence Russia currently uses 167,000 against Ukraine. Soldiers. 91 tactical battalions were deployed directly on the battlefield, and another 55 could be deployed by the Russians from the reserves.

The minister claimed that the army Russia outnumbers Ukraine’s armed forces In the context of heavy weapons, especially in rocket launchers and artillery. – However, if the coordination of arms deliveries by our partner countries, including the United States, Great Britain, the European Union, Japan, Australia, Turkey, etc., is improved, There is a chance of a quick attack by Ukrainian forces and land liberation, he said.

As Reznikov suggested The partners divided the supply of weapons In the short, medium and long term, so that the Ukrainian authorities can properly plan the training of their troops and personnel.

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