Vincent-Guilm mentions the end of his character in Odyssey District 31

After enthusiastically filming 720 episodes for the past six years, the cameras closed this Friday, March 25th. District 31 And the whole team that created it. The media took part in this milestone event which will address the artists and artisans who have contributed to the immense success of the company.

In this context, we were able to chat with Vincent-Quilom Odysseus, who from the first day played the role of Detective Sergeant Patrick Bissonet, who was accepted by the Cubs as a friend in their living rooms every night of the week. The actor has been filming this adventure for more than 650 days.

With all humility, I think I was created to do this. “, He starts from the beginning.” I think I have this energy. I feel good with people and I feel good when I have a job that motivates me. I am a challenging person. I, during District 31, built two houses, I have three children, one of whom is the age of the district. There, I did not take all the credit, my girlfriend was a monk, she was extraordinary, and she continued to work there. She’s great, I would not have done it alone.

At the end of the project the actor speaks of one more grief: ” Yes, it’s an art grief, but what I’m leaving is a lifestyle.

He adds: ” I feel so much better, I feel calmer. I have a really accomplished feeling. I say with complete humility. At the end of a project, I never felt that a character had gone to the end of all the possibilities it could offer me. […] Patrick Bissonnette, I went to his fingertips, I know him mentally, sometimes I say I know him better than I know Luke. I feel better. ⁇

Regarding the end of the series and the end of his character, Vincent-Guilm ஓடிtis was able to tell us: ” This would be a great result, I can tell. There will be no brightness. We exploited everything. Patrick went everywhere, he did everything, everywhere, boards. He passed all of Patrick, so he will get a worthy result. He will retrieve the RRSP of emotions, which is a picture I give. It would end well for him. He would go on and on about what he had to do, like Vincent-Guilmm Odyssey, saying, “I did everything I had to do.”

Let’s remember that His partner, Gilder Roy, also gave some clues about the final here.

On April 21st, we will participate in the finals of a series created by author Luke Dion. He and producer Fabian Loroch were able to tell us this.

For this event, Radio-Canada is planning a special program to mark the end of this beautiful and excellent television story. Details here.

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