The municipality of Saint-Croix in the Saudier-Appalachian region is preparing to legislate to regulate the activities of a running lane that could disrupt some citizens as site activities increase.

“The quality of life of citizens is affected. It suffers from noise, smell and noise, ”said Jack Lacroix, one of the disgruntled citizens at TVA Novelles’ microphone.

They were particularly outraged by the lack of forecast in the circuits that had been established for 50 years in Lotpinier. This is the first time a team of managers has been responsible for planning activities, which has an impact on the schedule of activities.

Citizens of St. Croix benefited from the tranquility of a rare day on Sunday. Since the spring, operations on the Riverside Speedway circuit have followed each other.

We are staying at a resort site in Saint-Croix, one of the most beautiful sites in Quebec. We want to find a balance with them. It is better that they consult with the citizens, “said Michael Bouchard, a resident of the area.

Like many businesses, this site has been hit hard by the epidemic. So many obstacles and the round with a new board of executives has resumed its operations.

“This is my full-time job. If I was called on a Tuesday and asked if I could rent a roundabout for a test, I get 99% of the time, unlike other years when they were employees, mainly part-time, regardless of the type of vehicle, ”explained Emily Pichet, manager of the Riverside Speedway circuit.

Find the balance

Precisely the availability of these large hours has been isolated by some. “We end up with more than rent, ending with the availability of a track for people who want to use it. The number of hours has changed. We are in a changed time slot. We are less focused than we were at the time,” said Jocelyn Cockney, who lives in the area.

Managers say they will do everything they can to find a balance between the need to maximize the use of the site and the peace of the neighborhood. Also, events respect the rules in place.

“We put them on our Facebook site, we put them on our website. We try to be as transparent as possible. We try to go beyond municipal regulations. That is, we reduce the hours. We can make noise until 11pm; the slide is over by 8pm,” said Emily Pichet.

The Saint-Croix municipality is closely monitoring the file. Steps are being taken to change the municipal regulations.

The mayor of Saint-Croix, Jack Coutier, specifically mentions that the Bond-Rouge case was an inspiration to keep the beacons. “Instead of being noise-based, it will be more in the number of path activities,” he said.

Meanwhile, citizens want to bring a class action against round managers. Nearly 80 contributors financially support the process.

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