81-year-old Martha Stewart said, “My photo is untouched.”

Martha Stewart took advantage of a visit to her hairstylist, Frederic Fekkai, to snap a photo of her face and declare that her skin is beautiful and free of retouching!

The 81-year-old American businessman attributes his beautiful skin to “some alcohol and pilates sessions in January”.

She assures on Instagram that she doesn’t apply any filters to her photos.

Internet users aren’t having this opinion, and the octogenarian has used her fortune to buy makeovers, injections and possibly cosmetic surgery.

Instagram Martha Stewart

Some netizens are mean. “She had a facelift, look at her eyebrows and pins, look at her lips. There is no doubt about it,” wrote one of them.

“You look fake,” said another woman.

“Is that Martha Stewart or a lookalike? That doesn’t look like her,” one of them wonders.

Some Internet users consider his photos very successful. “That’s awesome!”, “I love it!!!!!” And put hearts on him.

Regardless of what netizens think, Martha Stewart is looking pretty good for her 81st birthday.

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