Will French forces enter Ukraine?  Macron responds

In response to a question to comment on the international reactions to his words during last week’s conference on Ukraine in Paris, the French President said: – In response to a question about sending forces, I said that nothing is excluded.

– This does not mean that we plan to deploy French forces in Ukraine in the near future. Czech media quoted Macron as saying that this means that we have begun discussing and studying everything that can be done to support Ukraine.

In his opinion, the meeting participants agreed on five areas of cooperation, namely cybersecurity, joint production of military equipment for Ukraine, security assistance to the most vulnerable countries in the context of the conflict in Ukraine, primarily Moldova, and support for Ukraine in the field of conflict in Ukraine. Borders with Belarus and cooperation in the field of demining.

– Moreover, I have always been clear about our red lines: we are not fighting the Russian people and we reject the logic of escalation – the French president said.

NATO forces in Ukraine? Putin threatens consequences after Macron's words

Macron said after the European leaders' meeting in Paris that there was no decision on the formal sending of Western ground forces to Ukraine, but he did not rule out such a possibility in the future. His words caused a sensation – a number of NATO countries announced that they were not considering sending their troops to Ukraine or participating in the war with Russia.

– The most heated debate concerned the issue of sending soldiers to Ukraine. There was no agreement on this issue. President Andrzej Duda, who participated in the talks, told reporters that opinions differ and there are no such decisions at all.

President Vladimir Putin referred to Macron's statements in his speech to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, in which he threatened the world with nuclear war and “tragic consequences.” Earlier, the Kremlin warned the West against sending troops to Ukraine. “This will lead to a direct conflict with Russia,” said Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s spokesman.

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