Vicki Gabor started high school.  He does not appear at school

Vicki Gabor, who gained popularity on “The Voice Kids” and then became the second Pole in history (after Roxana Vigil) to participate in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, returns with a new single. She recently appeared in the “Dzień Dobry TVN” studio to promote the song “Give me a Sign”. During the conversation with the 17-year-old star, the topic of school came up. It turns out that the singer perfectly combines study and work in the music industry.

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Vicki Gabor started high school. He does not appear at school

“From the beginning, when I started my career and school, my team and I agreed that I would have such a calendar and that I could somehow manage everything. I have good grades, I have to brag, so far everything is fine, I have everything remotely good. I'm in a school where I take everything from home, so let's just say I'm comfortable. Even when I'm on the road, I can pass the exam. “It's a really nice school and I'm fitting in there,” Vicki Gabor said.

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