2021-11-16 17:00

2021-11-16 17:00

Climate change and human activity.  Is it too late?
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The Polish Bank Association and the Polish Academic and Economic Forum invite you to attend another meeting as part of Club Poland 2025+.

The idea of ​​the meeting is a discussion about climate change in the world and in Poland in the context of the COP26 climate summit in November and the latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) at the United Nations, which stated that some climate change may not be reversed, and if we are to stop global warming, We need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions quickly and dramatically, but also remove excess carbon dioxide from the air.

During the meeting, we want to talk about priorities – what the world can do and what we Poles can do to reduce the effects of climate change and get back on the path of balance. What awaits us if we fail to act in this direction? What will the world look like in a few, tens or dozens of years if we continue to listen to those who constantly deny the link between climate change and disasters, such as the recent floods in Germany, and human activity? What is the current systemic approach to combating global warming in the world and in Poland, and whether we have already crossed the so-called point of no return when it comes to the sustainability of climate change? We want to discuss this matter at the next meeting of Club Poland 2025+ with the participation of eminent experts: A. Simon Malinowski, a. Bogdan Shozhniki and Marcin Kowalczyk.

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