Unsuccessful opening for volleyball players Michal Winiarski.  To make matters worse, what happened… (Video)

Mikhail Viniarsky, coach of the German national team.

Two defeats, zero points scored, and to make matters worse, Tobias Brand suffered an injury. The German national team, led by Michal Viniarski, did not achieve a successful start in this year’s edition of the European Nations League.

The German volleyball team qualified for the Olympics last summer in the tournament held in Rio de Janeiro. Coach Michal Winiarski’s players do not have to collect classification points, but they cannot be content with the first matches of the VNL 2024. Although before the start of the Nations League, the Germans beat Poland 3:1 in a friendly match, the Poles did much better in the first matches in terms of Points.

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The Germans began their tournament competition in Antalya by facing Italy. They lost the first two sets (21:25, 18:25), but in the third set they were ahead 23:19. Unfortunately, the next six matches fell to the world champions (23:25), which meant a 0:3 defeat for Winiarski’s team.

The second competitor was easier in theory. In the confrontation with the Cuban national team, the Germans also failed to score any point. They lost 1:3, and in the third set, Tobias Brand, a well-known player from playing in Bogdanka Luc Lublin, suffered an unlucky injury. While falling onto the block, the volleyball player unfortunately stepped on the Cuban’s leg and possibly sprained his ankle. After a moment, and with the help of his teammates, he left the field.

Status in the video:

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