Participants Vectra They have received letters informing them of the unilateral addition to the general terms and conditions of the contract, under which Vectra may increase the subscription amount once a year. According to the office, the current contractual terms do not provide for the right of the entrepreneur to enter such provisions.

The boss is already at this point Yukik asked the operator of the so-called soft call In it, he called for the withdrawal of changes that have not yet entered into force, which would allow the company to avoid administrative procedures. However, Vectra ignored the soft speech.

Vectra customers with higher subscriptions

A few months later, customers received information that their monthly subscription had increased by PLN 5, although the original contractual terms did not allow the operator to do this. As a result, the entrepreneur forced customers who did not finish the contract to pay an additional 60 PLN annually for communication services.

In our interventions in the market, we have repeatedly indicated that changing the basic terms of an ongoing contract, such as the price of a service, can only occur if the contract expressly states so. This is exactly what the terms of modification are used for, thanks to which the consumer, when concluding the contract, has information in which specific situations may occur, modifying the terms of the service provided, including its price. However, such rulings cannot be entered unilaterally, that is, from the position of the most powerful party, which is the businessman, says Thomas Crostini, President of UOKiK.

Actions in the event of an infringement of collective consumer interests may result in a fine of up to 10%. Trade, order to stop the practice and remove its effects.

Vectra reports that it has 1.7 million customers, and through its network reaches 4.5 million households. In 2019, the operator achieved a consolidated revenue increase of 8.3%. to PLN 833.64 million and a decrease in net profit from PLN 64.42 to PLN 29.8 million.

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