Break for Benjamin and Ariel from The Island of Love

Bad news from Manmadhan, The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes Love Island That became Benjamin And Ariel No longer (already) together. This is during a session question and answer Following a question asked by a fan on Benjamin’s Instagram account, the restaurant announced the news.

Yes, love is never To the big winners of the first season From the adaptation of Love Island. Note that the show ended three weeks ago …

This is during a session question and answer Benjamin answered the question. Are you still in a relationship? “Surprised, cute blonde responded to some and some web users:” No, I’m not with Ariel now … anyway “. A short answer that raises a thousand questions in our minds.

Basically, Ariel and I, it’s over [la] For a simple and unique reason, we come back to life, and there are two different lives He said he was not interested in adding more details.

According to Ariel, he will be answering questions from the public about the breakdown on his Instagram account on Monday.

So this is the issue to follow.

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