With March comes the pension index.  How much will you get the new pension and the thirteenth and what about the fourteenth pension.  check now

We are closer to knowing the level of indexation of pensions in 2022. Today the Central Statistical Office (GUS) provided data on the average wage in the national economy in the fourth quarter of 2021 and throughout 2021. The final index indicator will be announced by the government – Until February 25.

Breaking news.
As of March 1, 2022, ZUS will increase pensions by 7 percent. That’s what it will be valuing this year. In April, beneficiaries will also receive the so-called thirteen – officially inform the Social Insurance Institution. You do not have to submit any applications – neither for indexation nor for the thirteenth pension, you will pay the thirteen ZUS with benefits for the month of April.

“Taking into account the macroeconomic indicators announced by the head of the Central Statistical Office, that is, the inflation rate in 2021 and the real increase in average wages in 2021 by 20% of the growth of real wages in the benchmark indicator – pensions peg. The indicator will be in 2022 at 105.7 per cent.
For the tight budgets of pensioners, it can be difficult to sustain inflation of a few percent compared to inflation for economically active people. In order to secure the financial position of the elderly to a greater extent, we change the Cabinet Regulation issued on July 7, 2021 regarding the amount of increase in the old-age pension and disability index in 2022, with the setting and amount of this increase amounting to 63.33%. A real increase in wages – says the Minister of Family and Social Policy, Marlena Mallig.
In this case, the indexation index will be at the level of 107 percent ”- reported by the Ministry of Family and Social Policy.
Officially, the Cabinet must announce the indexation of pensions by February 25 at the latest.

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