S7 build.  Advanced works in the Moczydło - Miechów department.  On the northern border of Mobolska, work is in full swing.  Pictures 25.10

The Małopolska section of the S7 Moczydło-Miechów highway has been built for more than 1.5 years. The section connecting to the “highway” already frequented on the Świętokrzyska side will have a length of 18.7 km, two intersections (Książ and Miechów), two passenger service points (Giebułtów and Tochołów), as well as 20 environmental canals and 24 engineering facilities. The business in this division advances nearly 70 percent. look at the pictures!

As part of the investment, a two-lane motorway (two lanes each and a reserve for the third lane) will be built in the section of the Moczydło – Miechów junction, approximately 19 km long. Two road junctions will be built: Książ and Miechów, 24 engineering buildings, 20 canals with ecological function and two passenger service areas: MOP Giebułtów and MOP Tochołów.

The existing road network will be reconstructed, including the construction of 15 km of new roads serving the areas adjacent to the road track. A road drainage system will be built consisting of a sewage network, a primary treatment plant, and 22 retention and infiltration tanks.

Works are scheduled to be completed in 2023.

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